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  ENT Surgery
  Neuro Surgery
  Vascular Surgery

Minimal Access Surgical Centre

Siva Hospital is southern end of Tamilnadu’s comprehensive Provider of standard, seamless, integrated and world class healthcare at its location. Our highly qualified and trained doctors and nurses ensure that you have access to the latest in medical science.

Siva Hospital as made sure treatment is not just curative but preventive as well keeping your need in focus. We have made the entire process personalized, simple and transparent. We are available for you round the clock, whenever & wherever you want us to be, for you and your family’s medical care.

SIVA HOSPITAL - Striving for better healthcare…………..


5 Minimal Access Surgery
4 Bariatric and metabolic surgery 3 General surgery
2 Pediatric Surgery 1 ENT surgery Siva Hospital Ophthal surgery
Siva Hospital Arthroscopic surgery Siva Hospital Cosmetic & plastic surgery Siva Hospital Faciomaxillary surgery
Siva Hospital GI surgery Siva Hospital Urosurgery Siva Hospital Vascular surgery
Siva Hospital Neurosurgery Siva Hospital Oncosurgery Siva Hospital Neuro Surgery

Emergency Numbers

General Enquiry
+91 4652 252253
+91 4652 251119
+91 4652 251478
AMC Jubail
TPA Empanelment